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3 Ways To Avoid An Induction

Posted by Wink Admin on

Inductions can happen for a number of reasons. However, if it’s not absolutely medically necessary to induce labor then sometimes it’s best to let it happen on its own.

 So long as you and your baby aren’t in any life-threatening danger, then you always have the option to say no to any practice that can be considered labor inducing.

 Some ladies prefer to listen to their doctor rather than do their own research into the labor process. Remembering that you have options when it comes to your pregnancy and delivery is such an important factor for women to consider.

If you’d prefer that your labor start on its own and that your baby come when he’s ready, then here are three ways that you can point yourself in that direction.


  1. Consider Your Medical Provider

You have the option to thoroughly interview whom you choose to be your prenatal caregiver.

 This means you can dig into their background, confirm their educational credentials, and have an intimate sit down with them to see if you’re both on the same page concerning your pregnancy, your health as well as that of your developing child’s, any interventions, and how you foresee your labor and delivery happening.

 It’s always best to rely on a doctor or midwife who shares your general outlook on pregnancy, this way you two are less likely to bump heads throughout what’s considered ‘routine’ and ‘elective’ components of your pregnancy and delivery.

 Take your time when choosing a prenatal provider, ask friends for their recommendations, research and read reviews of them online, and write down your desires for your entire pregnancy and delivery and see if the both of you are looking down the same path for the next nine months.

 If not, then find one who is.


  1. Stay Informed

Being in the know if half the battle.

Read up on pregnancy, research it, know what is forming in utero this week and what will be happening the next.

 Pregnancies can last anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks and your baby will tell your body when to begin labor. Once your little one’s lungs are fully formed, your baby will secrete a substance and your body will naturally react by starting the labor process.

 That’s not to say that babies born before the 42 week gestational period will not survive, as modern medicine has proven this point already. But letting your little bun bake until they’re ready to come out is always the best way to go so long as there is no medical emergency present in the need to induce.

 If you become and stay informed throughout your pregnancy, you’ll up your odds at keeping your baby in longer and have more confidence in knowing that you can say no to any prenatal practices you deem unworthy.


  1. Watch Your Health

 Give your baby and your pregnancy a solid head start by taking care of yourself.

 It’s fine to give in to your pregnancy cravings, but learn to incorporate healthy food choices and refreshing water into your meal planning.

 Your body will be working double time to compensate for housing a little one, so feed it the freshest and most purist fuel you can and stay active. Walking during pregnancy, even leisurely, will help your odds of staying healthy and in the best shape possible for labor and delivery.

 It’s important to always remember that you have choices throughout your pregnancy. Knowing your rights, limitations, and laws will help keep on the side of the informed mama - and that’s exactly where you want to be.

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