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Complete C Section Recovery Kit

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Complete C Section Recovery Kit

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$ 219.99

This kit consists of 3 different types of compression garments for a complete recovery: the Ultra Bikini, the Original Bikini and the Belly and Hip Shaper. Wear the following garments for different stages:

(1) First 3 weeks - wear the Ultra Bikini AND the Belly & Hip Shaper over it for extra compression

(2) Next 3 weeks - Alternate between the Ultra Bikini and the Original TOGETHER with the Belly & Hip Shaper for extra toning.

(3) Weeks that followed - Wear any of the garments alone for continuing support.

Results should be noticeable in about 3-4 months (results vary with individuals) if garments consistently worn throughout the day/night.


If one of the items in the Recovery Kit is returned for refund, the remaining item/s kept will be charged the normal regular price listed on this website and balance (less shipping) will be refunded.