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I purchased a wink garment (ultimate thigh blaster) after winning the ultimate postpartum bikini online. Let me just tell you these are lifesavers! I lost a ton of weight with these garments (230 postpartum to 175 now) and they make my stomach flatter and thighs tighter for the whole day (even after taking them off!) My husband notices after I take them off and when they're on I get so many compliments too! Everyone thinks I lost even more weight. these have helped me to get my belly back to normal while losing weight after baby #2. I feel so amazing when it is on like unstoppable. I can wear tight clothes (even leggings!) and they are not noticeable at all. I plan on buying more and wearing them even after I reach my goal weight of 145 lbs. Thanks, Wink! I can't wait to buy more garments!!


I was surprised with the speed of delivery. Placed by order around 930 am today and guess what I received the order around 1 pm plus. Cant wait to start wearing then tomorrow. Thanks for e speedy delivery.

Orchid, Singapore

I had my 2nd baby on June 18th, and started wearing Wink Ultimate Belly & Hip shaper when I returned home from hospital (1-day later). I ordered this item in Large while I was still pregnant. Today, I just ordered Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini in size Medium because now the Large is too large!! I started at the largest notch, now I am at the tightest notch. It's only been a little over 2 week and. I love how this shapewear fits. It's very comfortable, and I wear it all day and night (except when I have to shower). I feel almost 100% back to my normal self and I am starting to see my waistline again. I'm sure I'm going to need a size small by the time I return to work in August. Thank you Wink for helping me to get my pre-pregnancy body back!

Trinette, Decatur, GA

I LOVE this product! It is my little (or BIG) secret! I used this my last pregnancy and put it on the day I left the hospital and wore it for 6-7 weeks after delivering, the results were incredible! My husband was truly amazed, you could see the muscles in my stomach 3 weeks after delivery and people couldn't believe how quickly I bounced back. I'm expecting again and this is the ONE absolute must for me!

Melissa, Dorr, Michigan

There are so many options to choose from, I had a hard time picking just one. I chose the knee length booty shaper to address all my postpartum issue areas. I'll be back to order a smaller size or different model if the product helps me slim down.

Shannon Pavlic, California, US

Just had liposuction on my thigns and wore the Skinny Minny. Love it! At first, I thought it will be too much wearing a full length compression garment. But I ended up wearing it to sleep as well. The garment feels so soft an comfy to wear the whole time. Highly recommend!

Kaley Jones, New York

Love it, it was easy and not confusing at all. I can't wait to use it after my second child's birth in October!

Hannah Kaup, Edmonton, AB, Canada

I want shapewear that will stay up where I want it so I don’t have to worry about it sliding down throughout the day and having to do some strange pulling and tugging in public. This led me to the Ultimate Belly Blaster, and it is everything I hoped it would be! It has silky smooth lines, and great compression. The hooks and eyes on the side panel allow for four different levels of adjustment as you prefer a tighter or looser fit, and well as adjustable lengths with the shoulder straps. There are two layers of high compression level material called Lycrosoft, so you feel very ‘contained’. Its incredible how strong and supportive the material is, yet so thin and soft, and I love that the higher back allows for no back fat rolls. This shapewear is specifically created for first 8 weeks of postpartum recovery and post abdominal surgeries recovery, but I find this little number to be exactly what my post-baby body needs, and its been over 10 months since I delivered. It makes me look so much better and it makes me FEEL amazing. They say you can’t buy confidence, but after trying out this Ultimate Belly Blaster, I beg to differ.

Camille, Boston

Well I haven't bought anything from y'all, but I would love to.

Estela, 126.E Butler Pharr Tx 78577

I bought the Ultimate Postpartum Original about a week after I delivered my son in a size large. I had him 4 weeks ago and already need a size down. This shapewear works wonders! I was skeptical when first purchasing because of the price, but it's definitely worth it. I've already lost 28 lbs since delivery! :) 

Elena Vu, Broadway, NC

I was given a wink garment by a friend of mine. Let me tell you, I am so pleased with this product! I have worn it for several months and I have noticed that with diet and exercise I have achieved a flatter, tighter stomach. The ultimate bikini is comfortable and sucks me in without making me uncomfortable. I had a baby and wore it postpartum all day long without a problem. I recommend this to any moms or women desiring to lose weight. Wink will help you look and feel better while and motivates you to be healthy and lose weight.

Angelina, Northlake, IL

i ordered online for your fullbody shaper and byGOD it was a great experience i have a backach problem after my 3 c-sections but since ive started wearing winks ,atleast while working and running through out the day for home chores i and my back are in great comfort....i had tried many products but winks is the most comfortable.

Erum, Pakistan

Wink shapewear is just too good to be true! i just ordered two Ultimate Belly & Hip Shapers and i cant wait to have my baby so i can start wearing them! im expecting great things from all the reviews ive read and seen! Customer service is fantastic as well! i had tons of questions and they were all answered within the hour i sent the email. so far im super impressed. Great first impression!

Valerie Bonilla, Albuquerque, NM

I bought Winks Skinny Minny after reading all the reviews. This will be my third delivery, previously I used a belly band, though it helped with post partum belly issues it was very uncomfortable and noticeable under clothing. I am very excited to use this upon delivering my third child. I am excited that it is undetectable under any clothing so that means this time around, I won't have to wear baggy clothes all the time. I originally ordered an Xsm then realized I should size up. I contacted Wink via email asking them to change my order to a Sm before shipment. They were so quick to respond and changed my order for me. Their customer service is exceptional and I will be recommending them to my sisters and friends for sure.

Eva, Misawa AB Japan

Best Product...

Ewapna Gelle, Chattanooga, TN

I love wink shapewear. I have 2 of their garments and love them because they are adjustable and the fabric is soo silky soft and not at all itchy like other shapewear garments.

Eva, Misawa AFB, Japan

A little late with my review but I love the silk feel of the shapewear I bought. And the most important thing of all? It feels comfy even in the hot and humid weather here.

Lilian, SIngapore

started wearing this 4 days after delivery. Wearing it all day everyday for almost 2 weeks now and my waist has slimmed down a lot faster than if I did not use this product. I highly recommend wearing a binder after post partum. You will not regret it. Love the material. Feels comfortable. I'm on my way to buying a size small just after 2 weeks!

Aimee, seattle

I love wink shapewear which let my body shape look nicer than before pregnant . There is so comfortable to wear whole day although hot summer in Singapore. I can reduce 10kg within 2 months after wearing wink shapewear.

Tan, Singapore

Bought the bundle deal of ultimate postpartum and booty shaper shorts, and to my surprise, they are comfy and easy to wear. And most important is they are still comfortable despite the hot weather in Singapore. And the material dries up easily after hand wash.

Janice Toh, Singapore

I reviewed your compression garments once before and am in the "Wink stories" section for after my first baby. Some of my friends chalked my after baby body success up to fluke, "people always bounce back after the first baby, the first one is free" Well I'm on my second time around now. Baby #2 was born 2 weeks ago and I'm already at a 34 lbs weight loss from wearing my Wink garment, i ended up with yet another C Section and was so thankful i had insisted i buy 2 more compression garments. the Pain was so much less this time around since the nurses allowed me to wear it from the moment i was able to stand. You have no idea how great it was to not have to take mass amounts to pain medication this birth. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! i tell everyone WINK is my secret weapon LOL Natalie Swift.

Natalie, Naples, Florida

This is superb. Shipping was slow but it's worth every bit of the wait. I started using it the very next day after my cesarean section and I was able to stand and walk straight. Also my pain was milder when I have it on. It also did reduces your size when you have it on and helps take back the mama tummy when constantly worn. This is a must have for every mum to be. Thanks wink for this amazing product. Also buy the binder, very effective too.

nkechi, Nigeria Africa

I was looking for a shapewear to bind my postpartum tummy in 2012 and found Wink shapewear by chance. After reading all the fantastic reviews, I decided to give it a try. I have tried many different brands of shapewear before but they never work. Thus, I was still doubtful even after I have placed my order. My first order was the Ultimate Belly & Hip Shaper and the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini. The delivery was fast and just in time for me to wear during my confinement. I loved the silky feel on my skin. The best part is that my skin does not itch even if I wear it for the whole day under Singapore humid weather. I never look back after that. Wink is my go to shapewear for my everyday shapewear. I even wear this for my exercise. It's been 2 years now since I started wearing. I've gone from a size L to a size S. This is one shapewear that is well worth the money spent and my hubby couldn't agree more.

Serena Chan, Singapore

I had a good experience with customer service. The size was wrong for me and they exchanged it in a timely manner.

Nikole, Alabama

I bought Ultimate Belly Blaster from the website. The product is great and very comfortable to wear. Material is soft, silky and breathable. Won't feel hot when wearing it. Compression is good as well. If the bra straps can be longer, the product is perfect then. A bit short for me!

Clara, Hong Kong

Got some shape wear two years ago after I had my fifth baby and was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans from before my first pregnancy! So exciting!! I'm fixing to have my sixth baby and fully intend to use my shapewear again! Before I got pregnant with this baby I was still wearing my shapewear to give me a smoother look under my clothes! Yay for Wink!!

Andrea, Texas

The sizing chart made it easy to find my size. I will definitely recommend the ultimate postpartum bikini to other new moms.

Niva, Boston, ma

Great product, good customer service.

Rachel, Montana

With my first pregnancy I decided not to opt for the Wink, thinking it was too expensive. I got a cheap wrap, but within a week I was so frustrated with it rolling down and bunching I got a Wink Bikini Post-Partum and never looked back. My only regret is wasting money on another product! I'm now about to use my Wink for my second post-partum recover and confident it'll do what it did the first time!

Naomi Martin, Philly

Ultimate postpartum bikini original is very comfortable to wear compare to other body shapers.Its amazing

Anee, Singapore

Wow, I can't wait to receive my tummy tanker tank. I read about it in Woman's World Magazine and order it. Great comments,

Barbara Barnes, Canonsburg

Shape wear is a great product

Rosa Chavez, Antioch Ca

Love the silky feeling of the material on my body. Very comfortable wear even under the hot and humid temperature here. Glad that I bought it!

Jaslyn Wong, Singapore

A++ to Wink Shapewear!!! I ordered my Ultimate Skinny Minny because I had my second baby almost 4 months ago and for this pregnancy just could not seem to do anything about my pouch. I ordered it on May. 7 and received it a fast 4 days later! I thought for sure I wouldn't see it for at least a week. As soon as I received it, I ripped open the package and quickly slipped it on. Now I must mention I felt like I was getting a workout just from trying to do up the hook & eye closures but quickly realized the positioning on the legs was slightly off. Once I got it on I fell in love immediately!! Although I haven't lost any weight I feel like I've dropped 10 pounds. This garment makes me look super skinny and gives me a nice tight feeling and more motivation to really drop the pounds. Thanks Wink!!

Amy, Ontario, Canada

After having twins a year ago, I have been dealing with diastasis recti which results in belly bulge. I have used spanx, but it just smooths out my appearance. After putting on the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini, my waist was instantly reduced by 2" and my belly looked flat. After two months I had to order the next size down, and my doctor said my diastasis has improved! I don't leave the house without it on!

Danielle, York, PA

I LOVE the Ultimate Belly & Hip Shaper and it has worked so great for me to help get me back in shape while losing my baby weight. I love that it not only helps me get my shape back, but also helps hide my imperfections without anyone knowing I'm wearing shapewear.

Rachel, Salt Lake City, UT USA

Here is my complete review of the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra™ Bikini I purchased in nude color. I am a large busted woman and suffer from some chronic back pain as a result. I also just had my second child on Nov. 3 of this year. I weighed in at 183 after giving birth. I wanted to try one of the postpartum belly wraps with this child since I never tried one with my first. I had heard great things about your products and after reading reviews online I decided to try. I ordered the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini in nude color in a size large about a week after I delivered. I received my package very quickly, about 3 days later! I put it on right away. I will say it was difficult trying to put it on but once I got it on I could feel the difference right away! Not only did it relieve the majority of my back pain but it helped me lose weight a lot quicker than I expected. After 4 weeks of wearing it, I have lost a total of 30 lbs as of today! I already need the next size down because I lost the weight so quickly. I love the shapewear and would recommend it to any postpartum moms out there!

Elena, Broadway, NC

I got the postpartum ultra bikini. I just had a baby and it works great I love it I fit into my pre pregnancy jeans. Thank you so much wink.

Andrea chavez, fontana